NaNoWriMo Day 2

The Words: 3830 written today. Last night after midnight, I wrote 772 words with my Neo right before bed. Then this evening, I sat down at my laptop and did a few word sprints with @NaNoWordSprints on Twitter. Forgetting for the moment that I had 772 words locked away on my Neo (I haven’t taken the time to get the cable out and transfer them yet), when I had reached 2800 words, I decided to round it off to 3000 on my own.

The Story: I didn’t want to try to remember where I’d left off in the storyline yesterday, so when I started writing on my Neo, I went over to the other storyline. This one is a sequence of letters from Vin, the title character, to a pastor that he knows to be a good man. Vin is going through a crisis of sorts, as he attempts to gain enough power to bend the world to his own morality. Because the pastor is the one who taught him about that morality, he’s pouring his uncertainties out into letters to the man, over the course of time. So far, he’s questioning whether or not lying to his great-grandmother to get her to give him some family heirlooms (so he can sell them) is stealing. And he’s musing about how difficult his father is to please, while the man himself is a pretty terrible guy.

The majority of the words were about Rogan. He’s in the house of his team’s War Games leader, a man that he really likes, so that helps his current situation a bit. That man, Ari, has been filling Rogan in on many huge events that have taken place lately. I may have gone into too much detail, especially considering that if this book is ever published, the reader would hopefully already know about a lot of these events. But boy is it good for some easy (and fun) word count.

Total word count: 9635

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4 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo Day 2

    • I don’t know much about AlphaSmart devices outside of the Neo. I do know the school that my sister works at just got rid of a whole bunch of 3000s that they aren’t using anymore.

      The sprints on Twitter are one of the best NaNo tools ever! Thanks for stopping by!


      • Good deal. Think mine was a Dana . . . Great battery life. What I looked best was how responsive the keys were for sprints. Close your eyes and pour out the words. Have to check out the 3000s–thanks!


        • The battery life was one of the big selling points for me when I read reviews. AlphaSmart seems to know how to make ’em. Or rather, they knew how to make ’em.


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