NaNoWriMo Day 1

The Words: 5805 on day 1. I started right at midnight with the midnight sprint, and got to 3458 before stopping for the night/morning. Then this evening, despite already being past par for 2 days, I wrote for another hour and a half.

All of this writing, minus the very first 10-minute sprint that I did to get warmed up, was done alongside the Twitter feed of @NaNoWordSprints. I can’t stress enough how motivating it is, and how helpful it can be to have someone else setting time goals and starting times! If you ever find yourself struggling to just get writing (and put aside distractions) or to write quickly without stopping to think a lot or to edit, I suggest checking out that newsfeed (even if you don’t really use Twitter).

The Story: I’ve still been uncertain about who my main character was going to be up until I actually started writing. I think it’s going to be Rogan (names will be changed for the sake of spoilers). I started this story reminiscing about Rogan’s first date with the woman he loves and has recently started a relationship with. We’ll call her Penny. Then, a mission for his militia had him down for a few days, but we get to watch him go find Penny to let him know he’s all right.

Unfortunately, things aren’t always what they seem.

Total word count: 5805

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And in honor of November 1st, the first episode of the NaNoMusical!

4 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo Day 1

    • I thought about just using normal names, but it’s such a HUGE spoiler. If I ever want to get these books published, I just can’t put this out there.

      You probably will do it again. Things are changing for you, so who knows what that will look like in the future.


    • Some time around my 4th or 5th NaNo, I realized that I could almost always get the words, as long as I focused and had some idea of what I wanted to write. I never want to brag, because I know I’m fortunate that I’m able to work this way. That’s why I try so hard to share my tips with everyone else, because though everything that works for me may not work for others, something probably will!

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