NaNoWriMo Day 13

The Words: 2326 written today.

I got a very late start tonight, so I am happy to have written these words over the course of 2 sprints.

The Story: It’s a common thing for me during NaNoWriMo to have my characters spend too much time doing one activity that seems important, but sort of stretches on. That has happened in this story as the group of now 6 people are just reading and sorting through journals and other writings by Vin. There were a few revelations I thought needed to come up during this time, which is why it’s dragged on, but I’m hoping that when it comes time for editing, I can find a way to either shorten it or make it more interesting (or both).

They did find what they were looking for–an indication of where Vin might be hiding out. Now they’re discussing who should be the ones to confront him and why. (I’ll admit, for a long time, it’s always been Nathan and Clark alone who confronted him, but I’m also asking myself if that’s the best combination, and if so, why, besides simply because that’s the way I always planned it.)

Total word count: 55,865

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Also! This would be a good time to watch episode 3 of the NaNoMusical! I love the songs in this episode!!