NaNoWriMo Day 28

The Words: 125 written today.

Despite my insistence on writing every day, even if it was only 18 words, to get the badge at the end of the month, yesterday, I had a migraine that went away at suppertime. After supper, I tried to unwind from the stressful day with a video game, and next thing I knew, it was 1 am.

I’ve realized that I might have burnt out this month, and as I mentioned 2 days ago, I also felt like I was dragging out the end of the story. So I put a nice, neat cap on the end of the story with 125 words, and called it a win!

(Yes, I hit 50k words a while ago, but I decided not to validate my win until I put the finishing words into the story, because I could tell my motivation was dropping off.)

The Story: It may have been a little too easy, but Nathan was able to ease his wife’s mind, and Rogan’s brother put the final words into the story.

I will likely not write more in the next 2 days, since the story is done anyway. If I do, it will be a little more brainstorming about things that should have been in this story but weren’t. But if that doesn’t happen, this will be my last word count post for the month. I will probably write a final one at the end of the month, looking back at November, as I have in the past.

Total word count: 69,878

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