NaNoWriMo Day 3

The Words: 3682 written today.

I didn’t get to any writing after midnight last night, like I like to do to get a jump start on the day’s writing. And I had a rather rough day of work today, that followed me through supper time. (I work from home for about 70% of my job, so I worked from home, but the work kept going after I’d quit for the day and ate supper. That isn’t normal, at least not to this degree, but we’re finishing up a long project…like, 1.5 years long, and it’s down to minor bugs and issues that we’re starting to stress over.)

I told my husband that I wasn’t sure I was going to get my words in today during supper, not because I didn’t think I’d have time later in the evening, but because I wasn’t sure my mind would be in the right place. And because I wasn’t sure if work would keep following me. Let me be clear about something though–I was already ahead of par going into today, by 3 days, and I’m aware that is really good. But I’ve always liked to still get at least the normal 1667 words in each day, no matter how far ahead I am, because I know there will be a day (usually later in the month) when I just can’t. So I store the extra for those bad days. I didn’t want to use some of that extra on day 3.

Rather than wait for after my daughter went to bed, I decided to take the hour after supper, before she went to bed, to steal away and see what I could get done. I had my husband’s blessing, so off I went. I got to the Twitter word sprints feed that I love so much just as one sprint leader was signing off. The next one didn’t join right away, so I started up a 10-minute sprint on my own. Two total 10-minute solo sprints later, a sprint leader came along and said we were doing a #1K30min (30-minute sprint where people push themselves to try to write 1000 words). I got 1500, which was fantastic. The others on Twitter kept going with another #1K30min, but I needed a break. My fingers were tired after that.

The Story: Nathan and Penny, finally alone after Rogan first showed up out of nowhere, take some time to discuss the situation. Penny goes through a range of emotions over the recent developments.

Then we move on to the next day, and Nathan and Penny meet back up with Rogan and their team leader Ari to decide how to proceed with the mystery about Rogan that has presented itself.

Total word count: 13,317

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2 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo Day 3

    • Thank you! I think I’m only maintaining these high numbers because I’m adding in so much filler. There’s a lot going on that relates to past stories I’ve written, so when one of those past events comes up, one of my character takes the time to tell the story to someone else who wasn’t there. It makes sense for them to do it, but it doesn’t make sense for them to be in this book. But me writing that right now is not just about padding my word count. I have been absent from my writing for a long time, and it’s fun to reminisce about these stories myself!

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