NaNoWriMo Day 15

The Words: 3859 words total for the day.

I took advantage of a quiet, lazy Sunday afternoon to do several word sprints with @NaNoWordSprints on Twitter. I almost stopped at 3200 words, which was enough for the day anyway, but decided to push it for one more sprint.

The Story: Things are not looking good for the prisoner, who has been locked up for a few months now. Now he’s questioning his sanity and the benevolence of someone he met in prison.

This storyline is almost done–I’m guessing I’ll finish it tomorrow or Tuesday, at the latest. Today is the halfway point of the month, but I’m sure I’m more than halfway through the story, since the last 2 storylines will be closer to the length of this one (which is just under 12,000 words right now) than the first storyline (which ended with 30,000 words). So it may be time to cap my word counts at a lower number from now on.

Total word count: 43,070

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NaNoWriMo Day 14

The Words: 1989 words total for the day.

Though today was Saturday, I wrote less than normal. One of the reasons for this was because my daughter wasn’t pushing for us to do sprints as much as she has been lately (she started about a week late, so maybe she’s hitting the week-2 blues now). We did a couple this afternoon and then stopped so I could get some other things done. We never got back to it together.

After she went to bed, I was approaching my own bedtime, since I have to get up really early tomorrow, but I only had 900 words. So I did a couple of short sprints to at least be above normal par for the day and am calling it a night.

The Story: A bit of time has passed for the prisoner (weeks, maybe months, I’m not sure myself, because I’m not paying attention to my timeline as I write) and he’s just about had enough of this place. He’s not so sure about the wisdom of talking to the person in the adjoining cell anymore either. And in today’s words, he had a few unnerving conversations with the antagonist (of the whole book, not just this storyline).

Total word count: 39,211

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NaNoWriMo Day 13

The Words: 3514 words total for the day.

I didn’t have a chance to write until after supper, but
fortunately, my daughter was ready to write then too. We did 2 15-minute sprints and a 5-minute, then got her ready for bed. Then we did 2 more 15-minute sprints with the @NaNoWordSprints Twitter feed.

The Story: In another perfect example of how terrible I am at estimating word counts in advance of writing, I was really thrown off today. Yesterday, I finished storyline 1 (of 4) for this book, and it came out to a total of 30k words. I knew I’d be slimming it down a decent amount in revision, but still, I’d expected about 18k per storyline for the other three.

Today I started writing in storyline, which I already had written 2500 words of back on day 2. And in adding 3500 words to it, I’m already halfway through the outline for that storyline. So…hmm… I guess 12k words won’t be too bad, since I always knew storyline 1 was going to be longer…I’m curious to see how the other 2 storylines come out though.

As far as the story goes, I really enjoyed writing about this character, who is basically a prisoner of war, and a connection he’s making with someone in an adjoining cell. (Sort of strange to say I enjoyed writing about a prisoner, though.)

Total word count: 37,222

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NaNoWriMo Day 12

The Words: 2977 words total for the day.

I did a 20-minute sprint with my daughter this afternoon, which gave me 1/3 of the words I needed for my daily goal (3000) and also tipped me over to saying that I write the most between 3pm and 4pm.

That’s definitely new for me, because for years, I’ve written mostly at night, somewhere between 9pm and midnight. But this reflects how much I’ve been doing sprints with my daughter, which we’re most likely to do in the afternoon or in the evening before she goes to bed.

Then she went to go play a board game with her dad, and I did a couple of sprints with the @NaNoWordSprints Twitter feed, the second of which I stopped at the halfway point, because I had finished the first storyline of the draft and didn’t want to dive into the next one mid-sprint.

The Story: The rest of the first storyline (of 4) in this draft went by in a whoosh today. That’s because I finally got to the big battle that the book centers around, but the battle isn’t shown in any detail for this storyline. It’s really only shown through a few letters between some of the main characters.

Then I came up to the final scene of the storyline. I’ve had this scene in my head for around 11 years, and I finally got to write it. And it was perfect. Not that it won’t need any revising, but the experience of writing it was just incredible.

I never used to be one for music while I was writing, as much because I didn’t know what kind of music to listen to as anything. In recent years, though, I’ve found that I like having music playing while I write. These days it’s usually some sort of World of Warcraft music, because let’s face it, it has music for every mood. But earlier this month, I realized that there was much better music for this particular quarter of the story–music from the BBC miniseries North and South. I specifically chose to play Northbound Train during that scene, and it was perfect. It even swelled at the exact right time. I honestly don’t know if I’d have had the same feelings if the music hadn’t been there, but all of it together had me in tears while I wrote the scene. I love those moments in writing.

I had to take a break after that, figuring I’d start into storyline #2 later in the evening. But now I’ve decided to just let it rest for today and start new tomorrow.

Total word count: 33,708

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NaNoWriMo Day 7

The Words: 2635 words total for the day. I’m now caught back up to where I should be with my personal goal of 2500 words per day.

All of my words today were written alongside my 10-year-old daughter, dong word sprints. We did a few with the @NaNoWordSprints feed on Twitter, and a few of our own when the timing didn’t work out with the feed. We prefer 10-minute sprints, because her hands start to hurt if we go much longer than that without a break. 

The Story: The plot took a big step forward today as the main character in this storyline made a huge decision and executed it. I’d just gotten to the beginning of the fallout from that decision, and will continue with that tomorrow.

Total word count: 17,596

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NaNoWriMo Day 6

The Words: 3531 words total for the day. Because of how I’ve been pushing to get words in last-minute recently, I made sure to do some writing this afternoon, getting about 800 words.

My 10-year-old daughter has been saying she wants to write when I write, but hadn’t up to today. She started a story about a birthday party last year, got about a page done, and stopped. Today, she insisted that she wanted to do some sprints with me. So after supper, we both joined in on a couple of sprints with the @NaNoWordSprints feed on Twitter. Then right before she went to bed, we did a few more sprints.

She loves doing them and wants to keep writing with me this month. She even said that she’s glad she realized how much she loves it now, when there’s still so much time left. And I read her story so far. It’s got some really funny moments in it!

The Story: I feel like I kind of rambled a bit as I tried to get the story back on track after the characters had some conversations that can’t be in the story yesterday. Then suddenly, I had an idea about how to insert some drama, which will make the person who’s basically been the MC so far seem a lot more interesting. Though I may have to make some tweaks to her personality earlier in the story to make this work. This wasn’t in my outline, which is fine, but I am a little worried it will derail things in a way I do not want. We’ll see where it goes, though.

Total word count: 14,961

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NaNoWriMo Day 5

The Words: 2810 words total for the day. I planned to write another 500 words over my personal daily goal of 2500 again today, to make up for day 4’s dismal word count, but I almost didn’t even write 2500.

I wrote about 500 in the early evening, before my normal evening rituals kicked in. That all went a little later than normal tonight, because my husband got home from work a little later. And before I knew it, once everything was settled down, it was 11 pm, and I still only had 500 words! So I sat down and just got going and managed to get 2200 words in a little under an hour.

The Story: The two major characters who have been conversing through letters finally met in person. Then they took the conversation in a way that I didn’t like, because it kinda throws a wrench in their motivations for the next scene or two. We’ll see how that all shakes out later. Because I was trying to write a lot of words in a small amount of time, most of what I wrote today was dialog without much action amongst it. But to be fair, I often leave that stuff to add in later, so it will be about like normal for a first draft.

Total word count: 11,430

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NaNoWriMo Day 4

The Words: 3066 words total for the day. I had to make up a little for yesterday’s dismal word count, so I wrote 500 more than my personal daily goal of 2500. I did not stay up all night, but still spent a good amount of today recovering from the small amount of sleep. I didn’t start writing until around 7:30, and then did a chunk here, a chunk there, finally finishing at around 11 pm.

The Story: There were a few letters written between a couple of major characters today, and now we’re going to an engagement party at a very large, fancy house. I may have bitten off more than I can chew with that, but I’ll be vague or completely skip descriptions for now, to avoid being slowed down during NaNo. I stopped writing right before the two major characters who have been writing letters back and forth are about to meet in person for the very first time.

Total word count: 8620

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NaNoWriMo Day 3

The Words: 385 words total for the day, and I’m calling it at 11 pm. A combination of having a lot of things to get done at home today (mostly in the kitchen) and election-night distractions made it a difficult day to write.

I also have to go to bed, like, an hour ago, because I have to be up at 5 am to take some family members to the airport. So…I’m either going to go to bed right now, or I’m going to stay up until 5 am and get some extra writing in then. It remains to be seen which of these things happens.

But at least I did some and kept my streak. And I’m still on par for the normal NaNoWriMo word count, because I wrote extra the last 2 days.

The Story: I made sure to figure out where I was supposed to be in the storyline that I started on Monday, and wrote a little more of that today. I began the first letter of many that a major character will write to one of the main characters, though it didn’t go the way I’d planned.

Total word count: 5554

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NaNoWriMo Day 2

The Words: 2591 words total for the day. I wrote a little after midnight last night, as I often do, to get a jump start on the next day’s writing. Because our neighbors are having the roof and siding replaced, we’re consistently being woken up earlier than I normally have to (no job outside the home, daughter is homeschooled, and I’m a night owl), so I wrote for 25 minutes, tapping away on my Neo while my husband slept, then read a little, and went to bed much earlier than normal.

The rest of the words came in sporadic bursts here and there throughout the day today, some on my Neo in my bedroom, some on my PC.

The Story: When I went upstairs to write for a while before bed, I failed to make sure I knew where I’d last left off. I had no clue where I was in the story and didn’t want to go back downstairs to look at the saved file on my computer. So I just started into another character’s storyline. I had specifically planned to stick to one storyline until it was done, or until I got bored, this year, since last year I went back and forth between two storylines just about every day. But alas, the only thing I could do with no idea of where I’d left off was to start at the beginning of a new storyline.

And then I went totally off outline, which I thought was fine at first, but realized that it was also quite out-of-character for this person. And I didn’t want that, so I flagged a chunk for deletion and went back to where I was still with the outline to keep writing.

Total word count: 5168

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