NaNoWriMo Day 5

The Words: 8743 written today.

I decided to really make use of my day off. I work only about 20 hours a week, but those 20 hours are generally spread throughout Monday-Saturday, and I can be needed any time from 9am until 11pm on those days (or midnight on Fridays and Satrudays). So I highly value my Sundays off.

I came up with a plan today. My husband and I have been binge-watching Girl Meets World recently, since I came down sick and started from the beginning of the show on Netflix (we grew up with Boy Meets World and loved the continuity from that show, but hadn’t finished GMW yet). We’re in the final season, and have been enjoying watching it together. So I told him I would write 1500 words, and then we’d watch an episode, and we’d go back and forth like that, see how it went.

We went through 3 cycles of that, and then it was time to make supper. I helped him get supper started, and then wrote some more. When I realized how close I was to 25k words, I decided that would be my stopping point.

Then I validated my word count, and it came in over 1000 words higher than I thought, and I remembered that I hadn’t been counting all of my words, just my sprints. But I’d written some between sprints… anyway, the point is, it was a great day!

The Story: Well…I’ve been doing a lot of rehashing events from my very first novel, and I did do some more of that today. It’s been a lot of dialog between 4 people, and very little showing what they’re doing while they talk. I know this is mostly filler, and that it can’t stay in the story. And it’s not even the kind of filler that at least teaches you something about your characters or your story. But I don’t care. Because what it is is filler that has been so much fun to write. I have just been having so much fun having one or two characters share a crazy, fun, or surprising story from the past, and letting the other one or two characters who didn’t already know the story react.

But most of that has come to an end now.

Nathan has just left to stake out the building they visited in the previous day’s writing, the one where Rogan woke up. He’s hoping that Vin (the man who “saved” Rogan) will show back up and he can get a lead on what’s going on.

Total word count: 26,169

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