NaNoWriMo Day 4

The Words: 4109 written today.

I didn’t get to any writing after midnight last night again, and I worked today. I didn’t get started on my writing until 9pm. The first word sprint with @NaNoWordSprints on Twitter at that time was a #1K30min (30-minute sprint where people push themselves to try to write 1000 words). I got 1700–the entire daily goal in one sprint. It was a rush!

My husband came in then, and we put our daughter to bed. A few shorter word sprints later got me to the word count I have, 5 minutes before midnight.

The Story: Rogan, Penny, Nathan, and Ari go to where Rogan thinks he was when he woke up the previous day.

Ari stumbles across a discovery that shakes Penny to the core. They decide they should not stick around this place, because of the danger involved.

(If anyone is following along with this, I know it’s vague, but I need to avoid spoilers.)

Total word count: 17,426

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