NaNoWriMo Day 15

The Words: 1869 written today.

The climax to this story has been in my head for years, but always in this nebulous form where the heroes confront the bad man, defeat him, and then march triumphantly home. Now that it’s more than that–that the “bad guy” is more than a simple villain, I need it to be more than just, “they fight and the good guys prevail.”

But I’m struggling with how much of the fighting I need to show. I really dreaded picking back up where I left off yesterday. So I’m stalling. I wrote all 1869 words on my Neo, writing letters from Vin.

And now I can’t find the cable that connects the Neo to the computer. It’s a good thing the Neo has a word count feature built in.

The Story: I wrote 2 letters from Vin to the pastor today, and no other story. The second letter was pretty long. It turned into Vin explaining a bit more of his overall plan, after his entire purpose of coming to this place was a failure. But he’s confident that he will get another chance at it (and with good reason to be), so he still expects his overall plans to happen someday.

His overall plans are pretty much to be the next Jesus, by the way, but with his own agenda at the forefront.

Total word count: 59,377

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