NaNoWriMo Day 30

The Words: 4,874 on this final day of NaNoWriMo.

Because it is the last day of NaNo, and because I knew I was close to the end of the draft, but unsure of how close, I had hoped to be able to write a lot of the day, or at least until I finished the story. However, I have been working on a project for work all week and had to finish it today. But I sat down a little before 9 pm, which is already earlier than I’ve been getting to my writing time lately. Brought up @NaNoWordSprints and dove right in.

The Story: Yesterday, I said that I had written the climax already. Oh, how wrong I was yet again this month. As I thought about the rest of the story throughout the day today, I realized what the climax should be, and it was ahead of me.

I’m not going to say anything else about the story, but I did write the climax today, and finished the draft!

This will lead me to book 3 of this trilogy, and while that book is still quite a mystery to me, I now have a lot more of an understanding of how that book will go than I did before this month (and that’s considering that I didn’t even know I was writing book 2 of the trilogy until about a week ago).

Final word count: 86,841

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NaNoWriMo Day 29

The Words: 5419 today.

I more than made up for yesterday’s shorter word count. After midnight last night, I wrote for another hour, trying to salvage the night’s writing, even if it counted for the next day. That got me about 2500 words. Then from around 10:30 to 11:30, I did a few sprints with @NaNoWordSprints and even wrote in between.

I’m getting more and more excited about this story. It’s funny, because on Nov. 13th, I gave myself the badge that says I had a eureka moment.


I thought that filling out the middle of the novel (and adding more words to a somewhat short novel) by showing one of the MCs in her home environment (which was then part of a more important moment) was a big “Aha!” moment.

Then, on the 25th, I had the defining “Aha!” moment of this novel, in which I realized what I was really writing. (I won’t explain it again, but go here if you want to read about it–it’s near the bottom of the post.) Then I had to change course with the climax and conclusion of the story.

I kept thinking I needed to sit down with a notebook and write out some new ideas for those things. I thought I was going to outline the last few scenes of the book. I cannot stress this enough–I have never done well as a pantser. However, I never got around to doing any of that planning, but kept having to come back to my writing without any more idea of what was going to happen.

The discovery and smaller “Aha!” moments that have come out of that writing have been amazing! Don’t get me wrong–a lot of it is going to need some serious work. I wrote several scenes that I later had to mark for deletion and wrote something else when I realized it needed to go a different way. But I think I am on the right track now, and I am hoping I will have time to finish the draft tomorrow. (I’m past the climax, but I don’t know how long the conclusion will end up being.)

The Story: Clark got himself into a bit of trouble and was taken to the king, who fortunately knows enough about what’s going on to trust him when he says he has a story to tell him. But first, they have to go somewhere safe.

Total word count: 81,967

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NaNoWriMo Day 28

The Words: 1258 today.

I was hoping for another 3000 words today, but it just didn’t happen. My husband had the afternoon off work, so we decided to go shopping (some Christmas, some just regular shopping) with the kids. We didn’t get home until 11 pm, so I hopped onto @NaNoWordSprints and did a couple sprints to at least get as much as I could written.

I’m going to write at least another 1000 words before I call it quits for the night, and still try to get a full 3000 more tomorrow. I’m still trying to figure out what else needs to happen before this story is over (and what the ending will be), but I think I’m starting to have some ideas.

The Story: Clark, Nathan, and Penny discuss going back to the other country soon. Nathan is worried about the Madness situation that they are dealing with, especially since they know nothing about it. Clark wants to go back, because he wants to do a little digging into the possible conspiracy he’s sniffing out.

So they return 2 weeks after they were last there, and all spend some time exploring in some way before their meeting with the king.

Total word count:76,548

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NaNoWriMo Day 27

The Words: 3,061 today.

I was hoping for another 3000 words today, which I was able to do. I have no idea if this goal will get me to the end of the book by the end of the month, but I’m sure hoping.

I went to a write-in tonight, which again, technically, is not a write-in. It’s a writer’s group, and a very small one lately at that. There was just me and another person tonight, which has been the case a few other times this month. We didn’t end up writing because we talked the whole time, but it was still a lot of fun!

Still, I had to get all of the words in after my daughter went to bed. Fortunately, good ol’ @NaNoWordSprints was there to help.

The Story: We follow Nathan and Clark back to Pithea. I truly didn’t expect Pithea to be in this story at all, so this was a special situation for me. I didn’t expect Nathan’s wife to be in the story either, but suddenly, there she was! Nathan and Clark filled her in on their most recent trip to the other country (which still doesn’t have a name…).

Total word count: 75,290

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NaNoWriMo Day 26

The Words: 3490 today.

I set my goal for today at 3000 words again. I did a few word wars with people from my region on Slack first. My word count went down with every sprint we did. I had gone from smooth-flowing dialog into…a love scene. I enjoy romantic scenes (to a degree), but I have a harder time being quick with them.

Then I did some sprints with the @NaNoWordSprints feed on Twitter. I basically told myself to worry less about the emotion in the scene and more about getting through it more quickly. I sped up a little, but mostly it just helped when I got past that part.

The Story: The king and prince finished a somewhat heated conversation with Nathan and Clark. They also offered one of them a job, which I’m not even sure myself if he’ll take, because I didn’t even think of this until today’s writing.

Then we go back to “present” time and the king and prince go back to the capital city.  Events have been set in motion that have ramifications to the entire world!

That may sound very dramatic, but I just realized something unbelievable last night, which probably won’t make sense to anyone except for me. For a long time, I’ve known a huge secret about this world that none of my characters knew. But one of my characters was always destined to blow the lid off that secret, in what I have come to realize will likely be a trilogy of books within the greater series. I have written book 1, but have been unable to pin down what book 2 would entail. Last night, I realized that this might just be book 2! And I am both excited and a little nervous about this understanding. A lot more thinking and brainstorming will have to go into figuring this out. But that is a job for after NaNo.

Total word count: 72,229

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NaNoWriMo Day 25

The Words: 3977 on my Neo.

My goal for today was 3000 words. I got started around 10 pm, and the feed at @NaNoWordSprints was between sprint-runners. So I went back to the word crawl I started yesterday, themed for Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog. A 15-minute sprint for that produced 832 words, and then the Twitter feed came alive.

After 2 sprints, I had 2400 words, and a #1k30min got me the rest of the words.

The Story: I started today’s words with a few more additions to the ongoing letter Lorrin has been writing to the king. There are now 5 entries, all made after big events happened, when Lorrin wished she could have been there for him, but hadn’t been able to.

Then I went into another flashback where I explore the aftermath of the war with Antios. The king is faced with a very difficult decision about the magic-like Power that he has only learned about himself recently. He consults the prince and their advisors, but in the end, the decision has to be pushed back.

Total word count: 68,739

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NaNoWriMo Day 24

The Words: 4274 on my Neo.

My family’s big Thanksgiving event was today, but I had time in the morning to write. I wrote 2500 before I had to stop to get ready to leave. Half of it was with a word crawl themed for Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, and the other half was with @NaNoWordSprints.

I took my Neo with me to where we were going for dinner, because after the meal, we always play lots of board games. I often watch as much as I play, so most years I get at least a few words in for NaNoWriMo.

Tonight, I did a few sprints with the aforementioned Twitter feed and decided to see if I could get 3000 for today, plus another 1200 to make up for getting less than my new goal yesterday.

The Story: Antios has sufficiently shown his new power to the king, and then vowed to show him exactly how useful it can be. The rest of that is played out in what I’ve already written.

Then I finally went back the the “present time” where this story started. The prince comes to talk to his dad about the enemy that has been spotted in the area, and how this would be a great place to start working toward peace between the nations.

Total word count: 64,762

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NaNoWriMo Day 23

The Words: 1840 today.

Yesterday, I decided to shoot for 3000 per day in an attempt to make sure I’m able to finish this draft before the month ends. I knew I wouldn’t have a lot of time to write today, but I didn’t expect to get started so late, and to be so tired.

I worked today, which meant running escape rooms for the Black Friday crowd, which was pretty crazy this year. I was at work until 6, so didn’t get home until close to 7, and then had a few errands to run before I could even get completely home and get supper. I didn’t get to my writing time until 10:30, and then I ran into further issues.

For one thing, as I mentioned, I was incredibly sleepy. I really didn’t feel like writing at all, but my desire to get this draft done definitely spurred me on some. But another problem that arose was that I lost a paper that I wrote on while at work today. On my way to work, I’d started brainstorming how I wanted the 4 extra scenes that I mentioned yesterday to go, and while I had a few minutes at work, I jotted down those thoughts so I wouldn’t forget them. I put the paper into the pocket of the sweater I wear at work, but by 10:30, it had disappeared. I’m guessing it fell out of my pocket when I was getting my keys out to leave.

I don’t think there was anything really crucial on it, but I still spent some time and frustration searching for it before giving up and joining in on a 28-minute sprint with @NaNoWordSprints. That got me about 1300 words, and then a much shorter sprint got me the rest.

Tomorrow is my family’s big Thanksgiving, so I know I won’t get 3000 words tomorrow either (unless I manage to get up early to write, but I can’t even imagine that right now). But after that I will have 6 more days to try to finish the draft, and I think I can do that.

The Story: I finished the first scene of 4 that I need to write before heading into the last few scenes of the story. The king’s father finished telling him about their country’s history with their enemy to the north.

Then, we skip ahead 2 years and see the king (still a teenager) get some bad news that threatens to end the tenuous peace that currently exists between this country and their enemy to the north.

I also got started on the third scene, which shows the king in more present times, having another conversation with his once-friend Antios, before he becomes an enemy of the nation. He is trying to convince the king to let him show him what he’s discovered, and how it can help their country. He’s not acting like himself, though, and the king isn’t buying what he’s selling. The 4th scene should be pretty exciting.

Total word count: 60,488

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NaNoWriMo Day 22

The Words: 2162 on my Neo. (I have typed most of my NaNoNovel this year on my Neo, and I love using it!)

While today was a difficult day for writing for many American Wrimos, my family’s big Thanksgiving isn’t until Saturday. We did have a bit of a Thanksgiving here in my house, but it was all simple to make, and I had some free time in the late afternoon.

I checked out @NaNoWordSprints and caught a 7-minute and then a 10-minute and had written about 1000 words. Next up was a 15-minute sprint, but I skipped that while I looked through my outline to find some spots where I’d written notes for more flashbacks that I could add in. I also checked through my writing from the month so far, because I knew I’d made some notes like that in there too.

Then I was ready for the next sprint, which was 20 minutes. I wrote just over 1000 words in that sprint, and decided that was good for the day.

The Story: By the end of the first sprint, I realized that I was repeating a conversation from earlier in the month (earlier this week, even). Considering that this arc will likely be boiled down to a short explanation in the next draft, I definitely took it too far. It was time to finish it so I could move on.

This story has taken a turn from the original plan. It was meant to be a light romance, even with the wars and fighting in the background. When I began to make connections to my other stories, it started to go a new direction. Now, I truly don’t know if it’s going to end up being a romance story where other important things happen, or if it’s going to be a story about this country (which I still haven’t named yet) that is so completely different than the main country in my stories, living life without knowledge of the magic-type abilities that a lot of the rest of the world uses, and what happens when they become aware of it.

I think the latter is most likely to happen, which I’m okay with. It might severely affect both the structure of the story, as well as the title, but we’ll see. I’m actually pretty excited about what this means for my other stories, and looking forward to doing at least some early revision on the structure, but that will have to wait until after NaNo. First, I want to get the draft done.

I plan to write next the 4 scenes I noted today that I wanted to add into the story, all flashbacks that give some backstory to the 2 wars that this country has been dealing with in this story, which at the same time gives some backstory and insight into the king himself as a character. Then I will go on to finish the actual “present-time” part of the story, which is the main story.

So after skipping a sprint to make notes about the extra scenes I want to write, I started on the first one for the last sprint. It is showing the king as a teenager, having a conversation with his dad (the king at the time), in which his dad is telling him about their country’s main enemy to the north, and how the animosity between their countries got started.

One last note–during week 2, I began to worry that I would run out of story before the month ended. I did such a good job adding scenes and more story to tell that now I am uncertain I will finish the draft before the month ends. I think I’ll need to step up my daily word counts to avoid this situation.

Total word count: 58,648

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NaNoWriMo Day 21

The Words: 1977 on my Neo.

I worked a little today, but then had a lot of housework to catch up on. I knew I wouldn’t have much time in the evening to write, because after supper today was the only chance my husband and I had to go shopping for Thanksgiving prep food (my family’s Thanksgiving isn’t going to be until Saturday). Still, I didn’t expect to be home as late as we were, and sat down to start writing at around 11 pm. Fortunately, I was able to write a few scenes that didn’t take a lot of thinking.

In many ways, I feel like I am stalling. I keep writing about things that I know won’t be in the story. They’re just not what this story is about. I want to know what happens for myself, and in case there’s another story there, but I really need to get back to the initial “present” time and move on with the story there. I don’t know if the reason I’m stalling is because I want to keep writing about Nathan and Clark, or if it’s because I don’t know for sure what’s going to happen in the “present” time.

The Story: Lorrin has finally been able to return home, and is looking forward to some time off. Unfortunately, the peace in the nation is too tumultuous for a long rest.

We turn our focus to the king, who is angrier than he’s ever been at the northern neighbors and spends some time talking to Nathan and Clark. He has a very big decision in front of him.

Total word count: 56,486

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