NaNoWriMo Day 26

The Words: 350 written today, and 18 yesterday.

Yesterday was Thanksgiving for my side of the family, and we were gone until after midnight. We generally eat our big meal in the afternoon, and then play board games all night. The 18 words were literally a 5-minutes-to-midnight, just-get-some-words-in situation.

Then we ended up going and playing more board games today, because we didn’t quite get to enough of them yesterday. (Part of that was because my sister announced that she’s pregnant, so there was a lot of talking for a while before we got to board games.) So I had my Neo with me (today and yesterday) and wrote a bit more than yesterday.

The Story: I feel a bit like I’m dragging out the ending to this story, which is strange, because normally I feel like I’m rushing the ending. But I didn’t have anything planned for after the climax, and now I’ve just got Nathan and Clark explaining some things about what just happened with Vin to an unhappy Penny. And I’m not happy that I don’t have a good way to end the story. I will probably┬átry to just get to an ending tomorrow, so I can say it’s finished. This story will need a lot of reworking someday though. It might be the first NaNoNovel I’ve drafted where I felt like it wouldn’t just need revision, in whatever capacity, but possibly a full rewrite someday. It just didn’t really have a solid story to it in the end.

Total word count: 69,871

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