NaNoWriMo Day 8

The Words: 4369 written today.

My throat hurts really badly right now, but I haven’t developed a fever, achiness, or any other symptoms that often accompany a sore throat for me (other than a small headache that may or may not be related).

So I was able to plug away tonight, over the course of two different 2-hour sessions, to get a great word count. I’m still writing with @NaNoWordSprints on Twitter for most of my writing. It’s amazing what writing alongside others, with someone else setting the times, and then tweeting your word count afterward, can do for motivation and focus.

The Story: Things did pick up today. I’m done living in the past, watching past plots come to life through my characters’ words, and am moving on.

With a little thought and some luck, Nathan finds his way inside the locked room in the house that Rogan woke up in, and Nathan comes across a lot of interesting information. And Nathan makes a possibly startling discovery.

Meanwhile, Penny meets with her best friend Cathy, and fills Cathy in on everything that’s going on, because, as her best friend, Cathy knows all about the way that Vin had stalked Penny in the past. Penny expresses her concern that if Nathan¬†does manage to track Vin down, how will they stop him? None of them are powerful enough.

Total word count: 34,961

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