NaNoWriMo Day 29

Day 29 writing badge

The Words: 415 words. I wrote a little during my family’s big Thanksgiving get-together today. I took my Neo and typed a little while my family was playing Codenames: Pictures.

The Story:  That small amount of words was for storyline 2, and I think I’m now onto the final scene for this storyline. Tomorrow, I’ll be gone all morning and afternoon, going to a nearby library for a Local Author Book Sale to sell The Triangle and promote “Pithea.” And in the evening, my family will probably be decorating the Christmas tree, but I expect to still have some time before midnight to get a little more work in and hopefully finish the draft!

Total word count: 82,117

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November 29, 2019

NaNoWriMo Day 24

Day 24 writing badge

The Words: 643 words. Every month has those days where I just write a little to say I wrote that day. Today was one of those days. It was an early morning, as the 4th Sunday of the month always is, since my husband and I are on the worship team at our church on those Sundays, and we have to go early for practice before the service. I brought my Neo and wrote about 300 words in the downtime after practice.

Then, my husband and I headed to the larger city about 40 minutes away for some shopping and a date night. We got back late and had to take care of some things at home, so I cranked out another 300 words just to be able to get a few more words in.

The Story:  Storyline 1 took a sudden turn today, heading right for the climax of this book, which I really only planned to include within the last week or so. I’ll be pantsing it, which may or may not work out well. My history of pantsing more than little bits of my novel throughout the month has been pretty hit-or-miss for me (last year, a huge success; 2015, not so much).

I let myself off the hook for how little I wrote tonight when I realized how close I am to the end of the story in both storylines, with 6 days still left of NaNoWriMo. It’s a delicate balance for me–I basically want to get to the end of the draft on November 30th, so I don’t run out of story too soon, or risk the draft not getting done.

Total word count: 74,061

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November 24, 2019

NaNoWriMo Day 20

Day 20 writing badge

The Words: 1727 words. I had an afternoon and early evening without kids today, but still ended up spending most of my free time during it working on formatting for “Pithea”. Then I had to head to my church for worship team practice (I’m on once a month), and realized how late it would be when I got home. So I took my Neo with me and wrote in the car for the second time this month.

It was dark all the way there and back, so it was really rough at first, because I couldn’t check the screen to see what I’d last written, and even though I try really hard not to backspace to fix mistakes, it’s a habit. So I wouldn’t know if I’d actually erased enough or too much. I ended up turning on the light on the mirror of my visor.

All of the words came during the half hour drive there and back, which was really not too bad at all, and I liked being able to make use of that time.

The Story:  I wrote more for storyline 1 today, and think I will need to do that more tomorrow, because there is more of that left in the outline than for storyline 2. I hit on a new idea today, which will likely be part of the next book, or maybe come up near the end of this one. It was a somewhat larger “Aha!” moment building on the smaller one that occurred on day 15 and involves politics, which I never really thought I’d care to get into much in my books, but in a way that actually interests me. Hopefully I can make it interesting to readers too.

I claimed my win today (thanks to an email explaining how), which is always exciting! Also, my winner’s shirt will be arriving in a few days!


Total word count: 65,997

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November 20, 2019

NaNoWriMo Day 5

Day 5 writing badgeThe Words: 4392 words. My husband and I both had today off, which isn’t very common (outside of Sundays, which are usually busy for other reasons), so I was able to find some time in the afternoon to write. I did some sprints with @NaNoWordSprints. The first one I caught was 15 minutes, but when I got down to 5 minutes left, my husband told me we had to turn off our computers. Apparently someone from the electric company was here to replace our meter, and he was going to need to turn the electricity off for a few seconds. Of all the ways I’ve been interrupted during NaNoWriMo word sprints, that was probably the most unique. After 3 sprints with the Twitter feed, I had 1800 words.

On Tuesday nights, we have write-ins at my local library. They’re the only write-ins I go to, because most of the write-ins in my region are about 40 minutes away (I live in a city near the actual city of my region). I planned to get another 1500 words tonight, and figured I’d get most of that during the write-in.

I should mention that these write-ins are kind of an off-shoot of a writing group at the library. We meet one Tuesday a month throughout the year, but meet every Tuesday during NaNo. However, of the regular attenders of the group, I’m the only one that does NaNo. While they do call the Tuesdays during November write-ins, for most of them, it’s just an excuse to write more than they normally do, of whatever they’re working on. So it’s not like your typical write-in (though to be honest, I only have a passing understanding of how normal write-ins are). We talk at least as much as we write, and tonight was no exception. We did do 2 sprints though, one of 25 minutes and one of 20. Between them, I got 2500 words (far more than my goal!) on my Neo.

So for once, I’m post before midnight, because I do not plan to write any more today. Night off, yay!

The Story:  The first chunk of writing was for storyline 1. The newlyweds were interrupted on the way to their honeymoon, and are now poised on the edge of trying to force someone to help them who is going to be resistant to the idea.

While I was at the write-in, I continued the 3rd storyline, which I have decided to label storyline 2b, because it will eventually meet up with storyline 2. Right now, it’s just introductions mostly.

Total word count: 20,209

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November 5, 2019

NaNoWriMo Day 3

Day 3 writing badgeThe Words: 3628 words, all on my Neo. I tend to bring either my Neo or a notebook everywhere I go during November, just in case I have some free time. While in the car today, I realized that I was missing some prime writing time. Normally, I can’t do anything like read or look at a phone while riding in the car, or I get dizzy and queasy, but with the Neo, I could just type without even looking down at the keyboard. So on the trip back home from church, I wrote for maybe 15 minutes and got a bit over 600 words.

Later, I caught a couple of word sprints on my region’s Discord server for right around 2000 words, and a couple of sprints with @NaNoWordSprints in the evening got me to my total for the night.

The Story:  When I was in the car, I wasn’t sure where I’d left off in either of my main storylines, so I decided to start on a 3rd. It is technically part of storyline 2, but it’s a different location and separate character, which will meet up with the rest of storyline 2 at some point later in the story. Then the rest of my writing at home, I worked on storyline 1. There was a wedding and an explosion. What an exciting day!

Total word count: 12,466

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2019 – November 3rd

NaNoWriMo Day 25

The Words: 3977 on my Neo.

My goal for today was 3000 words. I got started around 10 pm, and the feed at @NaNoWordSprints was between sprint-runners. So I went back to the word crawl I started yesterday, themed for Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog. A 15-minute sprint for that produced 832 words, and then the Twitter feed came alive.

After 2 sprints, I had 2400 words, and a #1k30min got me the rest of the words.

The Story: I started today’s words with a few more additions to the ongoing letter Lorrin has been writing to the king. There are now 5 entries, all made after big events happened, when Lorrin wished she could have been there for him, but hadn’t been able to.

Then I went into another flashback where I explore the aftermath of the war with Antios. The king is faced with a very difficult decision about the magic-like Power that he has only learned about himself recently. He consults the prince and their advisors, but in the end, the decision has to be pushed back.

Total word count: 68,739

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NaNoWriMo Day 22

The Words: 2162 on my Neo. (I have typed most of my NaNoNovel this year on my Neo, and I love using it!)

While today was a difficult day for writing for many American Wrimos, my family’s big Thanksgiving isn’t until Saturday. We did have a bit of a Thanksgiving here in my house, but it was all simple to make, and I had some free time in the late afternoon.

I checked out @NaNoWordSprints and caught a 7-minute and then a 10-minute and had written about 1000 words. Next up was a 15-minute sprint, but I skipped that while I looked through my outline to find some spots where I’d written notes for more flashbacks that I could add in. I also checked through my writing from the month so far, because I knew I’d made some notes like that in there too.

Then I was ready for the next sprint, which was 20 minutes. I wrote just over 1000 words in that sprint, and decided that was good for the day.

The Story: By the end of the first sprint, I realized that I was repeating a conversation from earlier in the month (earlier this week, even). Considering that this arc will likely be boiled down to a short explanation in the next draft, I definitely took it too far. It was time to finish it so I could move on.

This story has taken a turn from the original plan. It was meant to be a light romance, even with the wars and fighting in the background. When I began to make connections to my other stories, it started to go a new direction. Now, I truly don’t know if it’s going to end up being a romance story where other important things happen, or if it’s going to be a story about this country (which I still haven’t named yet) that is so completely different than the main country in my stories, living life without knowledge of the magic-type abilities that a lot of the rest of the world uses, and what happens when they become aware of it.

I think the latter is most likely to happen, which I’m okay with. It might severely affect both the structure of the story, as well as the title, but we’ll see. I’m actually pretty excited about what this means for my other stories, and looking forward to doing at least some early revision on the structure, but that will have to wait until after NaNo. First, I want to get the draft done.

I plan to write next the 4 scenes I noted today that I wanted to add into the story, all flashbacks that give some backstory to the 2 wars that this country has been dealing with in this story, which at the same time gives some backstory and insight into the king himself as a character. Then I will go on to finish the actual “present-time” part of the story, which is the main story.

So after skipping a sprint to make notes about the extra scenes I want to write, I started on the first one for the last sprint. It is showing the king as a teenager, having a conversation with his dad (the king at the time), in which his dad is telling him about their country’s main enemy to the north, and how the animosity between their countries got started.

One last note–during week 2, I began to worry that I would run out of story before the month ended. I did such a good job adding scenes and more story to tell that now I am uncertain I will finish the draft before the month ends. I think I’ll need to step up my daily word counts to avoid this situation.

Total word count: 58,648

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NaNoWriMo Day 21

The Words: 1977 on my Neo.

I worked a little today, but then had a lot of housework to catch up on. I knew I wouldn’t have much time in the evening to write, because after supper today was the only chance my husband and I had to go shopping for Thanksgiving prep food (my family’s Thanksgiving isn’t going to be until Saturday). Still, I didn’t expect to be home as late as we were, and sat down to start writing at around 11 pm. Fortunately, I was able to write a few scenes that didn’t take a lot of thinking.

In many ways, I feel like I am stalling. I keep writing about things that I know won’t be in the story. They’re just not what this story is about. I want to know what happens for myself, and in case there’s another story there, but I really need to get back to the initial “present” time and move on with the story there. I don’t know if the reason I’m stalling is because I want to keep writing about Nathan and Clark, or if it’s because I don’t know for sure what’s going to happen in the “present” time.

The Story: Lorrin has finally been able to return home, and is looking forward to some time off. Unfortunately, the peace in the nation is too tumultuous for a long rest.

We turn our focus to the king, who is angrier than he’s ever been at the northern neighbors and spends some time talking to Nathan and Clark. He has a very big decision in front of him.

Total word count: 56,486

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NaNoWriMo Day 20

The Words: 2,564 on my Neo.

I went to a write-in at the library in my hometown tonight. Though technically, it wasn’t a write-in. The city I live in is near the city for the region I’m in, and somewhat smaller. There we have a writing group that meets weekly (though that will be changing to monthly at the beginning of the year), and during NaNoWriMo we let Wrimos from the area know that they’re welcome to come. But most of the time, I’m the only one there who is participating in NaNoWriMo.

Still, we meet to write, to talk about writing, and to encourage each other. I wrote just over 1000 words during a period of about 15-20 minutes, and the rest of the time we talked more than we wrote.

After I came home, had supper, and got my daughter to bed, I wrote the rest in 2 sprints with @NaNoWordSprints.

The Story: Now that the fighting has ceased and the soldiers can rest, our main character Lorrin takes some time for introspection and thinks about a friendship that has suffered much lately.

Total word count: 54,509

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NaNoWriMo Day 19

The Words: 1193 on my Neo.

This was a deliberately low-word count day. I reached 50k yesterday, and while I have managed to draw out the story that I was afraid would be barely 50k words, I know I don’t have a whole lot left to write about. Since my normal writing time today (evening) was going to be a bit less conducive for writing, I decided to just do one 20-minute sprint with @NaNoWordSprints, which gained me over 1000 words (I wrote 87 words while I waited for the sprint to start).

The Story: The region is finally able to get some relief after being battered by Antios for months. Nathan and Clark may have had something to do with it.

Total word count: 51,945

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