NaNoWriMo Day 10

The Words: 3655 written today.

I didn’t get started until around 9:00 tonight, and not a single sprint wasn’t interrupted by someone wanting something. Most of it was work-related–communications between people at work, from my boss to those under me, happen any time from 9am until midnight, and are more prone to happening up until midnight on Friday and Saturday nights, which are our busy days. And my boss and I are working on a project that is nearing completion, but stalled, and he had some things about that he wanted to discuss. But I needed to get some writing in. So I wrote…and stopped to text…and wrote…and read an email between sprints.

Anyway, it obviously didn’t hurt my word count, but it’s just not as enjoyable.

I am less than 6000 words away from 50k. My husband has secured me an entire 12-hour period all to myself tomorrow (through no request of mine), so I have a feeling I will reach that mark tomorrow!

The Story: Yesterday I let my summary of what I’d written get a little long. I’m going to try not to do that in the future.

Nathan told the others about what he found in the locked room of the small house in Taellyn. This has led to some discussion about why exactly Vin is doing what he’s doing. Justin, who has always been quite the thinker, began to theorize about what Vin has been up to this entire time.

Right at the end of my writing today, Nathan went to retrieve the papers from the house.

Total word count: 44,018

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