NaNoWriMo Day 9

The Words: 2130 written today, all on my Neo again. It’s been my favorite way to write this month.

I wasn’t really feeling the writing today, but I think I know why. I wrote the outline for this story last year, after dreaming up the idea two years ago. During NaNo2016, I was writing the real account of the time my dad spent in the hospital only 2 months before that, and it was very difficult writing. During the month, this romance was playing itself out in my head, and now and then, when I needed a break from the reality of what I was writing, I’d write out whatever scene I’d gotten to of this romance in my head.

This means that the story I am writing this year already has a few scenes written out, and because it was 2 years ago, I have polished it a bit since then, and I really like it. So when I got to one of these scenes today, it was very difficult to write it, knowing that I already had it written in a way that I liked. I knew from past experience that it was better to still write it again, rather than just leave a gap to fill it in later, because A) it would keep the current writing flowing, B) I might hit on something else this time that really belongs in the story, and C) I need the words. However, it still slowed me down and made me less motivated than normal to write.

And I’m not past it yet, so I’ll have to pick up on the same scene tomorrow.

The Story: Lorrin and the king have arrived at her new posting (the front lines during the war against Antios), and she’s just met the famous general who is pretty much her idol. He’s informed her of some pressing issues they’re having with another army that has mustered against Antios–an army from a country that is an old nemesis of the main country in this story (man, I need names for these places). Then, there is a scuffle, and someone is badly injured.

Total word count: 30,946

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