NaNoWriMo Day 16

The Words: 2346 written on my Neo.

I finally got to really delve back into the writing today. I had some time after supper to write, so I did some sprints. Then it was time to put my daughter to bed. After that, I got back to my desk, planning to write some more before midnight, but got distracted. It’s just as well. I’m seriously going to run out of story not long after 50k, and I don’t want to be done that quickly.

Today I had to think about where to go next in the story. I know what else needs to happen, but I’m not sure how it should be ordered. I’ve definitely gotten away from my outline, which is fine, but it slows me down a bit.

Between sprints, I spent some time making notes on my outline. The structure of this story is a bit convoluted, because it’s too boring for me to ever write a normal story. It starts near the end, chronologically speaking, and then the bulk of the story is told in flashbacks. But I’m starting to be less certain about where the “present time” should lead to flashbacks, and where the stories told in the flashbacks should be split up.

Plus, there are several new scenes that I’ve thrown in that I like enough to be pretty sure they’ll stay in the story, but they don’t have a spot in the outline either. Anyway, while doing that, I decided that the next thing I should write is something that I didn’t even know was going to happen in this story, and I don’t know how much will actually be shown to the reader, but as I write it, I’ve realized that it’s absolutely what needs to happen.

The Story: I finished Lorrin’s letter to the king, and am still debating whether or not he’ll ever read it. I suppose he should, or what’s the point of writing it?

Now we’re moving on to learn about how Antios is defeated. He truly is much, much more powerful than anyone in this area of the world. And the people here don’t even know about the Power (think: magic) that exists out there.

So it’s going to take an outside force to stop this man, and I know just the duo. They are the ones who saved the day in the novel I wrote last year, and I’ve even realized that this fight is referenced in that book…I just didn’t know it until now (isn’t writing fun?). I’m even pleasantly surprised by how much sense it makes that they know about this evil man, and are able to come to help.

So now, these two, named Nathan and Clark, have shown up asking to see the king. It takes them a little work to convince the people there to allow them an audience, but he is coming in to see them right as I ended today.

(I can’t express how much I love the intersection of these characters that I have written about for 15 years with the king from this story, that up until only a few weeks ago I thought was completely unrelated to my other stories.)

Total word count: 44,791

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