NaNoWriMo Day 8

The Words: 2139 written today, all on my Neo again, written alongside 3 sprints with NaNoWordSprints. I don’t really have much else to say about the words today.

The Story: Not long into my writing today, I looked at my outline and realized that, while writing away from home yesterday without my outline, I’d gotten a bit off-track. The story isn’t being told in chronological order, but I followed Lorrin from the base to the ship as she is being transferred by the king himself to the front lines. The story is supposed to skip ahead a few years to show the resolution of Lorrin’s time in the remote town dealing with the local animal issue. I realized that after my first sprint, so I made a note to come back to where I was later, and then changed gears.

So I wrote a scene that takes place some time after the war with Antios, when Lorrin is stationed on a different base and reconnects with someone from the past. But this isn’t necessarily a happy reunion, so to avoid more base drama, Lorrin gets herself transferred to the northern-most base in her country (unnamed currently), which is where we find her at the very beginning of the story.

Total word count: 28,816

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