NaNoWriMo Day 19

The Words: 1193 on my Neo.

This was a deliberately low-word count day. I reached 50k yesterday, and while I have managed to draw out the story that I was afraid would be barely 50k words, I know I don’t have a whole lot left to write about. Since my normal writing time today (evening) was going to be a bit less conducive for writing, I decided to just do one 20-minute sprint with @NaNoWordSprints, which gained me over 1000 words (I wrote 87 words while I waited for the sprint to start).

The Story: Nathan and Clark confront Antios in his base. With some coordination between them, they are able to stop him. I kept feeling like it was a bit too easy, but I have to remember that while the scene has the feel of a climax, this isn’t the main plot of the story. And given the circumstances, it makes sense that Nathan and Clark were able to defeat him like they did. It probably didn’t feel too easy to all of the soldiers outside the base that are fighting Antios’s large army while this is happening.

Total word count: 51,945

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