NaNoWriMo Day 4

The Words: 4550 written today, all on my Neo. I didn’t write any last night after midnight, because I knew I’d have plenty of time throughout today to write. Just as I was about to start writing my first words today, I remembered that my home region recently started up a Slack group, so I joined that quickly, and was able to participate in some word wars with a few fellow Wrimos from my region. As helpful as writing with NaNoWordSprints is, I prefer more direct sprints and wars if possible. After getting the daily word goal, I took a break, and then caught a #1k30min on Twitter later, which netted me 1500 more words.

The Story: In today’s writing, we learn about the time that Lorrin spent in a southern region during a particularly brutal war with a very dangerous man. The war is in the background right now though, as Lorrin runs afoul of a fellow soldier, and the rest of the base takes sides, most of them against her.

To give her a break from the drama on the base, the base commander sends her to a nearby village that has asked for help from the army. It seems that the local wildlife has become a problem. There, Lorrin and her unit try to make sense of what has caused such overpopulation in the animals, and Lorrin deals with a very snarky man named Falin, who has no respect for the soldiers and the help they’re offering.

Truth be told, they will never come to understand what is going on with the animals, and I am struggling to figure out how (and if) they can even stop the problem, or if it will be a continuous problem. This is the first way in which this story actually connects to my main story world, because the animals are suffering from the Madness, which is not currently a problem this part of the world has ever faced.


Total word count: 15,651

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