NaNoWriMo Day 6

The Words: 2896 written today, on my Neo, at my first write-in for the year!

Yesterday, I realized that I was halfway through my outline, but not halfway through the 50,000 words, and not even close to halfway through the month. I prefer to write most of the month, even if I hit 50k early, but that’s harder to do if you run out of story.

I have already started to think of ideas for a 2nd story to start on if I do run out of story, but I’ve decided it will also help if I slow down a bit. I still want to write at least 1667 words every day, because that’s the core of NaNoWriMo, but I won’t be pushing to write any more than that.

The Story: Falin arrives at the base after learning that Lorrin had been recalled and tries to talk her out of taking the transfer. She is a very dedicated and loyal officer though, so she leaves on the king’s ship the next morning, headed to the front lines against a very dangerous army led by a man named Antios.

On the ship on the way to the front lines, the king tells Lorrin about the enemy. Antios was once the king’s best friend. When they were in their early twenties, Antios itched to explore the world. They’re taught as children that most of the countries out there are off limits to them, for one reason or another. They have some allies, but there is a lot of fear and hatred out there.

He’s heard stories about a particular place that he longs to visit, that’s known for magic and freedom. The king, at this time still a prince, tries to tell him that it’s a bad idea, but then we jump ahead to a time when the king is the reigning monarch, and Antios has just returned from being gone for a few years. He’s a changed man, and the king is just trying to understand where he’s been.

Total word count: 24,233

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