NaNoWriMo Day 18

The Words: 2,959 written on my Neo.

I wrote all of it in sprints with @NaNoWordSprints. After a few sprints, I realized I was about 300 words away from breaking 50k. One more 15-minute sprint got me 970 words, which put me well over 50k!

Thanks to my attempts to stretch the plot, the story isn’t over yet, so I’ll keep going at least until it is. I’m really excited about this story, more so than I thought I’d be at the beginning of the month. Though I came up with the ideas of extra scenes on the fly, most of them are going to be staying in the story because they really do add to it well. It’s been a good month!

The Story: Nathan and Clark had to explain things to the king’s 2 top advisors as well, and then explained to them their plan. I didn’t go into too much detail with the ensuing battle, but I can always add to it when I’m ready to revise this story.

Total word count: 50,752

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