NaNoWriMo Day 17

The Words: 3002 written on my Neo.

In previous years, I would often write after midnight, before I went to bed, in an effort to get a jump start on the next day’s writing. I’d still get the same amount written in a day, but when I got to my writing the next day, if I already had 500 or more words written, it was obviously so much easier to get the writing done.

I have barely done that this year. Last night, I took my Neo to bed, because I really was in the mood to write some more. I only got 82 words before I was too tired to keep going. Not exactly a huge jump on the day.

The majority of the words came over the course of a few sprints with @NaNoWordSprints.

The Story: Nathan and Clark are educating the king on a particular element that exists in the world that the king’s region knows nothing about, called the Power, and they think they might be able to help stop Antios. But first they have to convince him that they are trustworthy and that they are telling the truth.

Nathan and Clark are two of my absolute favorite characters from my main group of stories. I hadn’t planned for them to be in this story until a few days ago. This story is set in the same world, but a vastly different part of it, that is much more medieval in nature, so in many ways it’s been like writing a brand new story compared to what I’ve been working on for many years. When they met the king in today’s writing and started to talk with him, it felt like I was writing a cross-over episode of a TV show, and it was really weird. But good weird.

Total word count: 47,793

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