NaNoWriMo Day 10

The Words: 2,027 written on my Neo.

Today was the first time this month that I thought about quitting before I hit the daily goal. I had to work this afternoon, and though it was only for a few hours, I was there about an hour later than I expected to be. So I got a late supper and I had a headache to boot.

I did a few sprints on my own while my 8-year-old daughter did some crafts nearby. When I had gotten to 840 words, I decided I didn’t really want to write any more. It was almost time to put my daughter to bed anyway, and I told her I was done. She convinced me to do a sprint until her bedtime came (11 minutes), so I did, and got another 608 words. At that point, I was close to the daily goal, so I decided to do one final sprint alongside @NaNoWordSprints on Twitter, which got me the rest of the way to my count for the day.

The Story: The king had a difficult time leaving Lorrin with the medic, but he knew he needed to get the prisoner and get back to his normal duties.

Over the next few days, thanks to some insight from Lorrin on the night she arrived at the base, they are able to find the encampment of their northern enemy and take many of them prisoner. This will allow them to re-focus their efforts on Antios.

At the end of my writing today, the king was approached by an emissary from the enemy to the north (I really should use more names…but I haven’t settled on many names), who insists that they have no encampment in the region of the base Lorrin is station at, and that their people have been ordered to leave the king’s people alone while they’re at war with Antios.

Total word count: 32,973

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