NaNoWriMo Day 8

The Words: 2139 written today, all on my Neo¬†again, written alongside 3 sprints with NaNoWordSprints. I don’t really have much else to say about the words today.

The Story: Not long into my writing today, I looked at my outline and realized that, while writing away from home yesterday without my outline, I’d gotten a bit off-track. The story isn’t being told in chronological order, but I followed Lorrin from the base to the ship as she is being transferred by the king himself to the front lines. The story is supposed to skip ahead a few years to show the resolution of Lorrin’s connection with Falin. I realized that after my first sprint, so I made a note to come back to where I was later, and then changed gears.

A few years after Lorrin and Falin meet, they are stationed on the same base. By this point, though we still aren’t privy to the details, Lorrin’s heart belongs to another man. However, as she tells Falin, she hasn’t seen the man in over a year, and she’s pretty sure he doesn’t know about her feelings. Still, she has to rebuff Falin when he tries to re-connect.

Unfortunately, Falin doesn’t give up easily. Rather than get embroiled in base drama like she was before, Lorrin gets herself transferred. She is sent to a remote northern base, which is where she was when the story started.

Total word count: 28,816

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