NaNoWriMo Day 15

The Words: 521 in the 11th hour (literally).

I had an employee meeting at work tonight, but expected to have the rest of the day off. However, I awoke to news that I would have a few hours worth of work to get done, which turned into about 5 hours, after which I had to leave for the meeting. I didn’t get back from the meeting until close to 11 pm, and then I still had to eat supper.

I know I easily could have just let it go today; I’m pretty far ahead, and I don’t want to diminish that. However, for me, it’s equally important to write every day during NaNo as it is to win, so I decided to try to get 500 words written.

I sat down with my supper and did just that while I ate.

The Story: At the very end of my writing yesterday, on a whim, I decided to have Lorrin write a letter to the king. He recently suffered a major personal loss, and Lorrin regrets various circumstances that kept her from being able to offer any sort of friendly support. So she eventually started a letter to him, which she never sent.

Then, after Lorrin had some tragedy of her own, she decided to add on to that letter. I don’t think she intends to ever send the letter to him, but somehow it helps her own grieving process. This is as far as I got today, and I don’t think the letter’s done yet.

Total word count: 42,445

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