NaNoWriMo Day 4

The Words: 4550 written today, all on my Neo. I didn’t write any last night after midnight, because I knew I’d have plenty of time throughout today to write. Just as I was about to start writing my first words today, I remembered that my home region recently started up a Slack group, so I joined that quickly, and was able to participate in some word wars with a few fellow Wrimos from my region. As helpful as writing with NaNoWordSprints is, I prefer more direct sprints and wars if possible. After getting the daily word goal, I took a break, and then caught a #1k30min on Twitter later, which netted me 1500 more words.

The Story: In today’s writing, we learn about the time that Lorrin spent in a southern region during a particularly brutal war with a very dangerous man. The war is in the background right now though, as some base drama leads to Lorrin being sent to a more remote location to help out with an unusual situation there. As she tries to figure out why local animals are behaving so strangely, she meets a man who does not want her or her fellow soldiers’ help.

Truth be told, they will never come to understand what is going on with the animals, and I am struggling to figure out how (and if) they can even stop the problem, or if it will be a continuous problem. This is the first way in which this story actually connects to my main story world.


Total word count: 15,651

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