NaNoWriMo Day 27

The Words: 2009 words written today. I had planned to write a lot between 10 pm and 2 am. But it was not to be. My 5-year-old daughter started feeling unwell around 7 pm, and it escalated throughout the night. I got a couple of 15-minute sprints in before I had to just go lie on the bed with her watching cartoons. It was only ever a fever and headache, which were both mostly gone when she finally went to bed. So she’s okay for now, and we’ll see how she’s doing tomorrow.

Now I go on to get more words in for Saturday, since I have a somewhat busy day ahead, and I don’t actually know what my writing time will look like.

The Story: Continuing on with what I started yesterday, Jonathan has been sitting in his cell thinking through the entire situation. That has turned into some brief recaps of certain storylines from “Pithea.” This is what happens when I start pantsing and don’t know where I’m going.

Total word count: 89,278

day 27

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5 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo Day 27

    • Nothing all that helpful yet. Mostly just working through all of the elements in play, reminding myself of things that have happened in the past that might lend themselves toward this story. But I’m still bumbling my way through so far.

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        • If it doesn’t happen soon, I may just start typing out my train of thought as I try to figure out what should happen next. Not even trying to make it seem like narrative, just pure me as author thinking in text.

          Or I’ll jump to a later scene and spend the next year trying to brainstorm ideas for the rest of the what I’m missing. Both seem like legitimate ways to go with only 2 days left in NaNo.

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