NaNoWriMo Day 26

The Words: 45 words written today (well…yesterday, actually, but I’m dating it the 26th because I’m particular enough that I want to see a blog post every day I wrote, not just when I had time to post about it). This is the lowest amount I’ve written all month, but Thanksgiving day (or whatever day my family gets together for Thanksgiving) always is. We always play board games into the night, and I never get home before midnight. Sometimes they’ll play a game that I’d rather not join in on (I often watch instead of play), so I’ll get out my notebook and write at the table while they play. That didn’t happen this time. So at about 11:30, I made sure to at least write something. This is the first year I’ve been so insistent on writing every day during November, even if it’s just 45 words. It might be because of these blog posts (I did this same thing last year, but had very little audience), or it might be because I want the badge for updating every day. Either way, I like that it pushes me to at least think about my writing a little bit on busy days.

The Story: I wrote a paragraph of Jonathan sitting in jail, going over things in his mind. In fact, I’ll just post it right here:
“Jonathan had a lot of time to think during his detainment. The biggest thing on his mind wasn’t the murder he’d been accused of or even the book that was so important to him and had been violated. His mind was constantly on his wife.”

Total word count: 87,269

Don’t forget to check out yesterday’s NaNoToons if you haven’t already: 2015 – November 26th (They’re about to start an epic word war!)

7 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo Day 26

  1. Thank you for taking the time to blog! It’s great to read about other people’s NaNoWriMo experiences. They are inspirational 🙂
    I love how you’re determined to write every day, even if it’s just a paragraph! Sometimes life doesn’t allow us all the opportunities we want to sit down and write, so we have to grab the chances when we can.
    Also, I love your excerpt. It reveals a lot about Jonathan’s character. 🙂
    Hope today’s less hectic and provides more chances to write!

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    • Thank you for taking the time to comment! You have no idea how much knowing that you’re going to read my post has kept me from just letting a day go without writing or posting! Grabbing the chance to write whenever we can is definitely a theme for NaNo, and when we can carry that theme into the rest of the year, NaNo has given us more than just a novel.

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      • It’s funny you say that, because I post my blogs knowing that you’ll be posting yours and wanting to share in reciprocity 😉
        Of all the things I’m grateful to NaNo for, it’s this rediscovered truth that I can find the time to write if I really want to. It’s time for me to stop making barriers for myself and let the words flow 🙂

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        • If I weren’t writing in the evenings, I’d be playing a video game. Writing is so much better for so many reasons!

          (Though sometimes, I just need to take a break and play some games anyway…but not every night.)

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        • We shouldn’t feel bad to play videos games or watch movies or read books instead of writing. Sometimes I feel guilty, but I remind myself that there’s no reason why I shouldn’t allow myself a break, especially after this month of writing hard 🙂


        • I’m so lost by the comments tonight. Don’t know what I’ve commented on and what’s new.

          With Christmas coming, I may well not do any kind of writing or revising for the next month. I hope that’s not true, but it’ll definitely be small amounts. I have grand plans in areas that I do want to dive into, but I’ve been suspending so many other things due to NaNo. So yeah, a break at least will probably be in order.

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        • I agree! December is already a hectic month. I’m hoping to fit in some time for edits, but I also want to spend time with my family and take a small break from writing to catch up with friends! 🙂

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