NaNoWriMo Day 10

The Words: 3128 written today. I went to my first write-in today, and it was not what I was expecting at all. I’m guessing write-ins go a lot of different ways, depending on how many and what type of people attend, or even the setting. We were in a room in the library with tables in a U shape, so we were facing each other mostly. And we talked as much as we wrote. But a write-in at a coffee house or book store maybe wouldn’t be as conducive to talking. I’m only guessing though.

I personally enjoyed the interaction, but if someone wanted to get more writing done, they may not have appreciated the rest of us talking so much.

I went with my sister, who actually lives 45 minutes away, and there are write-ins from our region that are closer to her. But I cajoled her into coming to make me feel less stressed about going alone (she’s a lot more outgoing than I am, but she has expressed that she would like it better if she knew someone at a write-in too). We settled in and introduced ourselves. There were only 3 other Wrimos there, and they were all new to NaNo this year.

There was a reporter from the local paper there during the first hour; she asked questions now and then while we were talking and took pictures. We did a total of two 25-minute sprints together throughout the 2 hours. There was no comparing of word counts afterward, which I assume happens during some write-ins, but this was definitely a very relaxed atmosphere. Two of the others were writing by hand anyway, and not keeping track of their words.

During the first sprint, I wrote over 1500 words. I was a little sad that I fell just barely short of 1667, because I thought it would be fun to say I’d reached the daily word count in the first sprint. But I reached it shortly after. And then I wrote another 1400 during the second sprint. Outside of the sprints, we mostly just talked about NaNo, about writing, and about our stories.

The write-in was a lot of fun, and I’m glad I finally went to one. I will probably go back at least one of the other Tuesdays this month.

I would have done at least some more writing during my normal evening writing time, but tonight my sisters and I had an editing session over Skype.

The Story: After being separated for 5 days, Darcy and her husband of only a few months, Sol, were reunited. The reenactment Darcy’s family is attending lasts for 9 days, and Sol had to go home from Monday through Friday to go to his regular job. Almost the entire day’s word count consisted of her filling him in on what’s happened while he was home and him comforting her. She has multiple reasons to be stressed.

Then Darcy tried to explain to her dad why she’s worried that he might be in danger, but he doesn’t agree with her concerns.

Total word count: 45,489

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