NaNoWriMo Day 19

The Words: 3504 written today.  I’ve got to stop pushing it so close. I think that two weeks of only writing about 2000 words per day has allowed me to become too lazy. If I didn’t get to writing until 10 pm, I could still make it with no real rush. But now that I’m trying for 3333 per day, I should really start to take this more seriously.

I can’t even really guess how the next 3 days are going to go. My husband and I are taking our kids over to my parents’ house for a much-needed weekend away. For the last few months, things have really picked up in my life, at work, with my extended family, and even to a point, in my own home. I’ve been feeling completely overwhelmed by life in general, and it’s stressing me enough that I can feel myself wearing out physically and emotionally.

We’re not going far, but we are staying in a hotel for a few nights. That alone is enough to make the writing hard, because not only can I not get away to my own room, it’ll be hard to focus when I just want to be spending time relaxing and vegging out. But on top of that, we have some activities planned for the weekend–an escape room on Saturday and a concert on Sunday evening. So my main goal will be to write anything, because I don’t want to skip a day. If I have time for 3333, great; if not, I’ll survive.

The Story: I’ll try to explain this as briefly as I can: Missy’s dad was a blade smith who was somewhat famous for making quality weapons with unique designs. He kept extensive notes about everything he designed or even just everything he knew about smithing, in a hand-written book. Missy, who decided not to become a smith herself, passed the book on to a friend, Jonathan. The paper that she found in a previous day’s writing is a hand-written copy of a page out of that book. Though she has no claims on the book anymore (it’s technically Jonathan’s), she didn’t like the idea of someone making copies for presumably monetary reasons.

After a tense moment in which Jonathan didn’t appreciate thinking Missy was accusing him of something he didn’t do, they’ve come to realize that someone else has in fact broken into where the book was kept and copied at least that one page. So now Jonathan, Missy, and Missy’s husband are working on a plan to figure out who’s been doing this.

Total word count: 71,139

day 19

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