NaNoWriMo Day 18

The Words: 3406 written today.  I’m very sleepy, but I pushed myself to get the words in, finishing only 10 minutes before midnight. There’s one thing in particular that I used to do almost every night time last year that I haven’t done at all yet this year. I would write at least 500-800 after midnight, so that when I go to the writing the next day, I’d have a dent in the word count already. It was a mental trick, because in the end, I was still the same amount in a 24-hour period, and in fact the same amount in an evening. But it helped. I might try that tonight.

I know why I haven’t been doing it though. It’s because I haven’t been feeling the same drive as last year. I’m still shaking off the near-burn-out from that 25KDayOne. I’m getting more into it again though. I guess I shouldn’t have tried to deviate from my beloved Pithea, with Missy, Drear, and all of the other characters that I’ve “known” for 10 years. Now that I’m back to writing about them, I’m feeling it again.

The Story: So far, I’m realizing that Jonathan isn’t really the main character of this story. At least, not the primary main character. Missy is. Missy was the main character of the first novel I ever finished. She’s the focal point of a lot of the stories I’ve written or have ideas for in the Pithea world. And though in this story, the conflict revolves around Jonathan, so far there has been a lot more Missy than Jonathan.

That being said, I think he’ll be very close behind her, once he gets a chance to get back into the story. I think it’s because she’s the leader of the team, and so far the story has mostly been about showing her and the rest of the team move out of the building they had occupied for at least 6 months, and gotten comfortable in.

But now Missy is trying to track Jonathan down to ask him about the paper she found on the floor of her apothecary lab while she was packing it up to move.

Total word count: 67,635

day 18

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