NaNoWriMo Day 7

The Words: 2222 written today. I almost let myself stop after 900 words, because my word sprints were feeling like work, and I thought with the lead I had, maybe it’d be good to stop early today. But I figured I’d keep pushing through. I did another 15-minute word sprint, and it resulted in 1000 words. At that point, I was 4 words away from 2k, so I started into a new scene and ended with the number you see above.

The Story:¬†Have I mentioned that I haven’t been feeling this story. Though I had a couple of new ideas yesterday that brought back some excitement, they didn’t work as well in the incorporation. Well, the first one didn’t. The second one I’m still toying with a bit. If I can pull it off, it might just be brilliant. But if I don’t do it well, it’ll just leave the readers with a, “Huh?” feeling.

Anyway, Darcy did start snooping a bit today. Most of the other blacksmiths at the show¬† are a bit on the snippy side today. When I have more time to think this through, I may try to figure out how best to drop in proper clues as to what’s going on. I did come up with some of that during October, but not enough.

I wanted to share the last line I wrote today, which will be where I pick up tomorrow:
“In the relative calm that settled in after the kids had left, the scream from the west was all the more disturbing.”

Total word count: 37,408

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