NaNoWriMo Day 17

The Words: 3248 written today.  Just a tad shy of my goal, but not bad! I went to a write-in today, where there were 3 of us writing. There wasn’t as much conversation this time, but lots of writing. All of my words came during that time.

This evening, I had another Skype meeting with my editing group. We got through the rest of the draft without any real issues. Now we’re down to broad strokes we want to discuss, which we’ll hopefully get all out of the way in one fell swoop some time in the next few months. We’re wanting to have an in-person meeting, though, because it’ll be easier to converse and discuss, since the Skype process can be difficult sometimes. So I didn’t have my normal evening writing time, but thank goodness for the write-in!

The Story: We meet Jonathan’s apprentice, Marct, as the two of them discuss how or when to start moving equipment and supplies out of the shop they’d set up in their team’s building. And later, Missy has the depressing task of gathering up her own workspace. She is an apothecary, using herbs and other ingredients to make medicines and such. She has a lot of smaller and more fragile supplies to move.

Missy is joined by a team member who offers to help. The day’s writing stopped just as this other team member finds a piece of paper on the floor that doesn’t belong there.

Total word count: 64,229

day 17

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