NaNoWriMo Day 8

The Words: 2477 written today. I decided to try out a word crawl today. I’d heard of them before, but hadn’t ever looked into what they really were. When I looked into some in more detail today, I realized that they might be perfect for my current situation.

Though the words came a lot more slowly than if I were just sprinting 15 minutes at a time with a few minutes in between, it didn’t take as much mental cajoling to get to the writing. I’m not sure why this worked better for me, and it probably won’t always, but since it did today, I’m happy.

The Story: After the bit of action that yesterday’s final line started off, I spent most of today’s words in the mind of someone who’s just lost a loved one and isn’t thinking very clearly. I went down a unhelpful track and then got myself back on the right one, one that will lead to the climax I want.

Total word count: 39,885

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Now that we’re into week 2, I’d love to hear how you are all doing. Are you ahead? Behind? Right on track? Is the story taking on a mind of its own or panning out exactly like you’d hoped? What motivational techniques have you found work or don’t work for you? Are you aiming for 50k, and stopping even if it comes early? Or are you going for an ending to the story?