Daily Writing Check-in: February 11, 2019

Words/Time: 35 minutes, half spent working on the outline for “Outcast” and half spent beginning a work on a series of posts for my Facebook author page.

Working on the outline actually entailed writing out some questions that I needed to figure out for this half of the outline, and brainstorming answers. I think I’ve sufficiently answered the last of my big questions for this outline, though I’m sure smaller ones will still come up along the way.

As for my Facebook author page, it has been merely a place to share blog posts for far too long now. I never really knew what I could post there, because the format is better suited to smaller information (and I do tend to ramble), and because the work I’m doing doesn’t really lend itself to sharing information. So much of what I’ve written is either too complicated, too spoiler-filled, or just not solidified enough to share. But I do have some plans, and I’m looking forward to seeing how they pan out.

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