Daily Writing Check-in: February 17, 2019

Words/Time: 31 minutes working on the outline for “Outcast.”

I did make some progress on the outline. I also stopped for a while to figure out how the middle of the 2nd storyline should progress, because I’m not in love with how it went in the original version. I also came up with a big question that needed address that, quite frankly, was a potential plot hole in the original version, but I didn’t really pay attention to it, and no one who read it ever asked either. I think I have it solved, but I’m not sure if it will be explained in the story or not, because it’s information the narrator most likely will never have. But if I know it works, then at least I know there’s not a gaping plot hole.

I didn’t post the last 2 days, because I worked 12 hours both days, not getting home until midnight or later. I’m very sleepy right now too, so I’m glad I got in what I did. Hopefully I can drum up something for tomorrow’s Monday Moment post, so I don’t just skip another one.