Daily Writing Check-in: February 12, 2019

Words/Time: 1 hour, 7 minutes, half again spent working on the outline for “Outcast” and half spent beginning a work on a series of posts for my Facebook author page.

Working on the outline brought up a question about whether or not Drear, the narrator of all of the Pithea books, would be around in this story at all or not. In the original version, he wasn’t really involved, but wasn’t far away either. But I thought I remembered writing in the first draft of “Vin” that Drear had been gone for several months, visiting his parents’ home country. I checked out my timeline to see how far apart “Outcast” and “Vin” are, and then made the mistake of bringing up the first draft of “Vin” to see what exactly I said about Drear in that story.

Granted, nothing is set in stone, so I can decide right now what I want to do with him, but I wanted to see what I’d thought before. Then I kept reading…because I really like that story. Even if it does need re-written because most of it is just the characters retelling events from the other stories.

I want to get this Facebook post series that I have planned going soon, so tomorrow may be mostly spent doing that. I’ll admit part of me feels strange for counting this as writing work, but I’m doing character studies for it, so that helps. Plus, this is my daily challenge, so it counts if I say it counts!