Daily Writing Check-in: February 8, 2019

Words/Time: 32 minutes working on the outline for “Outcast.”

I worked 13-hour days yesterday and the day before, finishing after midnight last night. Today I worked 10, but was done earlier in the night at least, so I knew I needed to get some work in. Considering that my current task is not an easy one, I have to be very careful to not let it go too long, or I’ll likely end up on an extended hiatus again.

I had a few questions to answer for this story. The answer to one of them came to me out of nowhere tonight (and I’m not even to that part of the outline yet), though it will need a little ironing out. The 2nd question I brainstormed on paper, and I think I have a solution. There are more questions ahead, but I feel like these were some of the biggest ones, so I’m pretty excited.