Daily Writing Check-in: February 25, 2019

Words/Time: 46 minutes doing preliminary work for the outline of “Unexpectedly.”

The structure I’m tentatively going with for this story is that there are 4 characters whose lives will be shown, mostly before and leading up to the war that they are all involved in, and a little after. Two of these characters are on the “good guys” side, and two are on the “bad guys” side.

I truly thought that I would have a lot more story for the good guys than for the bad guys, and wasn’t sure if that was okay or not. But I have so far written out the very broad plot points for 3 of the 4 characters, one of the being one of the bad guys, and so far, I have more written down for one of the bad guys than the 2 good guys. I have to keep in mind, though, that one of the good guys’ notes may be deceptively short, because I know his story better than the others already, so I don’t think I wrote as much detail for his, because I figured I knew it all already.

Either way, I’m pleased with the ideas I’ve come up with for the bad guys, and tomorrow will try to finish my notes for the 4th bad guy (the leader of all of the bad guys, in fact). Though she’s one of my oldest characters, her life outside of how she villainizes some of my main characters is very shallow. So it will take some work to come up with just the right story for her.

I also still need to figure out how I want to structure this story. I know I don’t want to just tell the entire story of 1 person, then the entire story of another, etc. But how do I intermix them? I don’t have any clue yet.

A Monday Moment: First Sight

“I loved her from the moment I first saw her.”

“When she came to talk to you about Raegus?”

Ulric shook his head. “Years before that.” He took a deep breath. It frustrated him that the memories were so difficult, even after so many years.

“You don’t have to explain if it makes you uncomfortable,” Remiel assured his friend.

“Thank you, but it helps to talk about it, or so I’m told.” He waited another moment before continuing. “When Raegus was eight years old, I was abducted by a nation-less group that has long tried to stir up trouble in our region. They held me prisoner in a steel cage inside a cave for a year.”

“A year? In a cage?”

Ulric nodded. “It was little more than a box, with no room to stand. They fed me through the bars, but otherwise left me in the dark.”

“Ulric…I can’t even imagine what that must have been like.” For everything that Remiel had gone through in his past, he felt his was nothing compared to what Ulric was telling him. He had so many questions, but felt it was important to allow Ulric to tell the story his way. He hadn’t known the man very long, but already could see that he was a strong, proud man. To have been demeaned in such a way, Remiel understood why he had such a difficult time talking about it.

Ulric continued, “As chief advisor, Luther became regent in my absence. Our army searched for me the entire time I was gone, refusing to give up without clear evidence that I was dead. By the time they found me, I had all but given up. They had stripped me of my dignity and all hope that I would see my son again.” His voice cracked, and he took another slow breath. “After a year in the dark, the first friendly face I saw was hers. She was…my savior. For years after I was rescued, I thought about her every day. I told myself that my feelings for her were only due to the psychological break-down I had suffered during that year.”

Remiel nodded. He could understand that assumption. He had gone through his own questioning of his feelings for a woman in the past.

“But the more I learned about her, the more I talked to her, and the more I worked alongside her, the more I knew that it was more than some sort of misplaced feelings due to her rescuing me from that nightmare. I’d seen a strength in her, compassion, grace…she was beautiful in every way, and I knew it right away.”

There was silence for a moment as Ulric thought about what else there was to say, and Remiel had no idea of what he should say.

“I suppose I may not have ‘loved’ her when I first saw her,” Ulric mused. “That came when I became more acquainted with her and could see her heart. But it certainly felt like love, even then.”

“I wouldn’t dismiss that feeling,” Remiel said. “Who’s to say what love really is, or when that moment comes when we know for certain that what we’re feeling is more than appreciation or infatuation?”

Ulric smiled at his friend’s words, and decided it was a good time to shift the focus of their conversation. “So tell me about when you first met your wife.”

Prompt used: What if your character really did fall in love at first sight?