Daily Writing Check-in: February 23, 2019

Words/Time: 33 minutes free writing.

I read a prompt on another blog last week that had me thinking all week about what I would write for it. Not surprisingly, it was romance-related, which seems to get my creative juices flowing more than anything else these days. After cycling through my most main characters in my books, I landed on using my newest main characters, from “Protector,” for the prompt. I spent some time writing that today (and also going back through a few parts of “Protector” and its outline to help me remember a few details).

Because I finished a task on my writing goals list yesterday, I thought today would be a good day to stop and write this down while I was thinking about it. I really need to do more free writing anyway. It’s not finished, though, and I need to go to bed early to get up early, so I’ll work on it more tomorrow and, time willing, also start on a new goal.