Daily Writing Check-in: February 2, 2019

Words/Time: 49 minutes working on a new list of short-term writing goals. I also spent this time writing up short synopses for 7 different books that are in various stages of development, because I’d like to share a bit about them as I also share my goals related to them. My new list of goals will probably be posted tomorrow. If anyone is interested in the meantime, my story blog has some information that will likely make parts the synopses clearer.

Here is the official list of previous short-term goals, which are now all completed!

1. Remove NaNo fodder from 2018 NaNoNovel; put scenes into Scrivener while I still remember my ideas

2. Make Aeldrim not be dead in “Pithea

3. Revise “Pursuit of Power” enough to be readable by a friend.

4. Read through “Pithea” for further necessary changes