The Pithea Books, an introduction

Throughout the almost 5 years that I have had this blog, I have discussed what I am writing in various ways. Sometimes I lightly touch on what happened in the section of the story I revised or wrote that day, with no context whatsoever. Sometimes I give a full synopsis to a story I’m about to draft (almost always for NaNoWriMo). Now and then I share some of my writing, especially in the Monday Moment segment, that I seem to have abandoned, but hope to have time for again soon. And many times I have mentioned that I have plans for a series of several books that are all intertwined, even if not all having the same main characters.

In October of 2017, I got it in my mind that I should write up a post that lists all of the books I have written or planned, so that I can a) get them out there in a more official capacity and b) have something to refer back to when discussing the complicated nature of my planned series. At the time, there were 6 written or planned, and a 7th has snuck in there since then.

This is not that post. That post is going to be long enough as it is, and I don’t want a lengthy introduction to it. When I link back to it, I’d rather it just be a stand-alone list. But I am posting that at the same time as this, so here is the link to that post.


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