NaNoWriMo Day 30

The Words: 7999 written today. So though I had decided not to push for 100,000 words, once I started writing today, I really started feeling it again and just kept wanting to come back to it. Then I had to stop for a while for normal family life, and started to get antsy to get back to it. I crossed the 100k mark around 11:10 pm! And I finished the climax, and spent some time brainstorming what else should happen. And I think I have a decent idea for the rest of the story, whether I work on that after NaNo or leave it for a long time. The brainstorming being in text, and not just in my mind, will help a lot if I do put it aside for now.

One of the more important things for me, this year, was this:every day
I wanted to make sure that I wrote some words every day of the month, no matter how many or how few. I’m not sure I’ve ever done that during NaNo before.

This weekend my sisters and I are having what we hope will be one final, day-long editing session for “Pithea,” so no matter what I do with the novel I didn’t quite finish for NaNo, I have to work on getting ready for that this week.

For those of you who came to my blog during November, I will continue to post nearly every day. I make it a goal to write or revise a certain amount every day, which I don’t adhere to quite as strictly as I do during NaNo, but it still keeps me from falling into huge lazy gaps. This blog was originally started as a place to keep myself accountable for that, and it continues to be such.

The Story: Missy and her husband happen upon Jonathan and his unanticipated nemesis squaring off. A sudden fight breaks out, and who is left on the other side, and how, is completely unexpected. Of course I can’t really say more due to spoilers, but it should be a neat twist! And in my revision someday, I’ll have to make the whole thing much more grand than it turned out.

I think I’ve straightened out my heroes and villains, and even know what’s going to eventually happen between the middle area I last left off at and the climax that I finished today.

Total word count: 100,383

day 30

Don’t forget to check out today’s NaNoToons if you haven’t already: 2015 – November 30th And check back tomorrow, because there’s usually one more comic for Dec. 1st!

4 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo Day 30

  1. What an amazing word count! Congrats to you for finishing so strong! Your perseverance and determination are inspirational 🙂 And thank you for posting this month; you’ve made me feel the need to be accountable as well and motivated me to push through low points.
    I agree that one of my most important accomplishments was not the word count, but the new discipline of writing every day, stealing moments to get down the words!
    I’m glad that finishing the climax has helped to lend some insight for the rest of the story. Good luck with it! I can’t wait to find out more 🙂

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    • Thank you. It’s so funny how we were pushing each other without even realizing it. Your words of encouragement this month have been really appreciated!

      I know that outside of NaNo, I won’t be quite as strict about writing every day, because it *can* be good to take a busy day off, or sick day, or just a day off. And because the majority of my writing work right now is revising, which is difficult to carry with me and do when I’m out of the house. But writing (or revising) *almost* every day is still a great discipline to have.

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      • Agreed! Not to mention that December is already jam packed with activities around the Christmas season. It’s good to enjoy that without feeling the pressure of “having” to write every day. Revisions will be a nice change of pace after a race through stories! 🙂


        • By the time NaNo started, I was so tired of revising and ready to write something new. Now I’m anxious to get back to the revision. It really couldn’t have worked out better!

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