NaNoWriMo Day 23

The Words: 3984 words written today. I started doing word sprints with the Twitter feed around 10 pm, and didn’t look back. I’m really glad to be back into the writing again.

The Story: Jonathan filled Missy in when he was on his way to confront his apprentice, who wasn’t home. Missy, waiting for some sort of report, decided she couldn’t wait anymore, and went to the apprentice’s home too. There she found a dead apprentice and no Jonathan.

Total word count: 78,793

day 23

Don’t forget to check out today’s NaNoToons if you haven’t already: 2015 – November 23rd

Week three is over and we have just one week left (and for Americans, it’s Thanksgiving week). How is everyone out there doing? Ready to finish strong? Limping to the end? Whatever you do, DON’T GIVE UP!

7 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo Day 23

    • The plan was always for it to be a murder mystery. Way before I ever decided to switch to the story I wrote during the first half of the month, which was also a murder mystery. I’ve never written in that genre before, so apparently I decided to dive in completely this year. By the end of the month, I should have a good handle on it…right?

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      • Definitely 🙂 We only get better by trying. A few attempts here and there and you’ll be amazing! You’ll already be greatly improved by the end of the month just by the mere fact that you’ll have taken the dive 🙂 Good luck!

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        • I do think that by the end of this story, I’ll have a better idea of how I would want a mystery to unfold. During both of these novels, I’ve been going along and constantly questioning, “How much do I want the reader to know?” And writing scenes that may or may not be used, depending on the answer to that question. Not to mention keeping red herrings in mind. In the end, I always remember that I can sort it all out later and fix it in editing.

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        • Thank goodness for editing 😉 It’s a hard thing to balance; I remember when my sister was writing her murder mystery, trying to figure out when to throw in clues, trying not to be too obvious, laying out false clues here and there. It’s a big job! Hopefully, it will be a rewarding one too! Good luck 🙂

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        • It’s definitely going to be one of those stories where I don’t really know how it’s even going to go until the first draft is done. I’m not sure I even know what clues TO leave yet, but hopefully I will by the end, when I can look at the story as a whole, instead of just an outline that may change. I’ve actually reached the end of my outline, because I never quite came up with something to happen in the later middle part. So I’m going to be pantsing it a bit for a while, until I figure out how to connect to the end. I may discover something amazing, or I may realize that I just need to think on the rest of the story for a while before rewriting this part. Who knows? Discovery is just one of the exciting parts of writing.

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        • Reaching the end will definitely bring more clarity! Good luck with pantsing! I hope you do discover something amazing 🙂
          Discovery is the best part of writing! Even with an outline, I’m always stumbling on new possibilities. I just hit another such point yesterday! It was thrilling to realize that there was a whole other realm of possibilities to be discovered.

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