NaNoWriMo Day 5

The Words: 1367 written today. Oddly enough, exactly 300 below the daily word count. I almost didn’t make that much. I didn’t sit down to write until around 11:30 pm, so I’d say this is pretty good. I had planned to write at least the daily minimum every day, even with the lead I have. And just to be clear, though I’m not sure everyone does this, I cut off my chance at words for the day at midnight, because when it gets to the end of the month, November 30’s words have to stop at midnight. So I may write more tonight, but I’ll count it toward tomorrow’s words. I’ll probably try to knock out at least 300 words, which again will go into tomorrow’s totals, but given today’s lower number, I’ll probably still plan to write at least 1667 on top of that tomorrow.

The weekend is coming, so hopefully I can pull out of the funk I seem to be in about NaNo, I’m guessing stemming from pushing myself for 25k words on Sunday. By the end, I felt something I’ve never felt toward writing before–real dread and a sense of just not caring. Now that I know how that feels, I’ll know to stop pushing myself if it ever comes again.

The Story: Darcy went to interview another blacksmith for the tribute video–this time her dad’s chief rival. Most of today’s writing was from the rival smith and his wife’s perspective. They threw around some theories about why she was there with a camera–to steal their product ideas, or some other secrets that she’d then report back to her dad? Then Darcy asked him her questions, and his responses were much less friendly than most of the others’ had been.

Total word count: 32,588

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(The person who does the NaNoToons has been traveling and got a little confused. He posted today’s comic yesterday and yesterday’s today. It’s all sorted now, but it was fun time traveling while it lasted.)

8 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo Day 5

  1. Starting at 11:30? Now that’s dedication! I think you can tell from my blog posts that I’d have given up for the day at that point. Congrats for sticking with it.

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    • I really want to get that badge on the site for updating word count every day. Though really, it’s more about trying to avoid falling into a writing funk. If I skip a day when I’m feeling about writing the way I have been, I’m far too likely to skip more days before I finally drag myself back to it. I’ve let that happen before in my writing life, and NaNo is the worst time for it.

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      • Absolutely. Jim Rohn said, “Failure is subtle.” A few bad habits repeated daily leads to failure. On the other hand, a few productive disciplines repeated every day guarantee success. Thank you for your positive, daily posts.

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  2. Pretty good? I think it’s pretty amazing! The dedication is impressive. I was calling it quits at 11:30pm last night, only because I couldn’t go to bed without seeing 2000 word down. I hope you never feel that dread again. Whenever I feel the trepidation of sitting down to write, I just remind myself of the story I set out to tell and focus on that first excitement. 🙂

    Good luck today!

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  3. Does it make a difference to know that I normally go to bed around 2 am? So while starting new for the day at 11:30 isn’t preferable, it’s still prime writing time some nights.

    I think the biggest thing going on right now is that during the mad dash to write 25k that first day, I forgot about my original plan to take a more comedic tone with this story. I may re-discover my writing joy if I work toward that mood from here on out, but I’m still not sure it’s in me to write that way.


    • It’s actually funny to me that you ask this. See, the main character’s dad, who is a secondary main character himself, is largely based on my own dad. He’s a blacksmith, and as he always tells people, the only time he shoes horses is when they get too close and he’s shooing them away.

      The main reason this is funny to me is because this question and answer are on my list of lines to use in the story, as one of many things my dad says on a regular basis to people to come and talk to him at reenactments. And it’s one I haven’t even found a place for in the story yet.

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      • Include a shoe making competion. My dad is a farrior (trims and shoes horses) and at farrior school they had to catch a wild horse, halter it, trim its feet and then make the shoes to shoe it with. That was a hell of a final exam.

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