NaNoWriMo Day 16

The Words: 3583 written today. I’m definitely coming off of yesterday’s high here. I wrote 2000 before bed, and then 1500 more this evening, from 11pm to 12 am. I was gone all day, so I wasn’t sure I’d do more than the 2000 from this morning, but I did a few word wars and pulled out some more.

The Story: Lex and Leahna have been searching for a while. Then I ran into my other story again, as Missy contacted Leahna in a huge panic. Lex and Leahna went to a place that had previously spent a lot of time, a place that’s very dangerous and where Missy does not have training to be, to help her. There they encountered another mysterious individual who will try to harm them, but who they will not have a chance to know more about in this story.


Total word count: 71,021

day 16

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