NaNoWriMo Day 12

The Words: 3360 written today. And I reached 50k tonight! After a rough day of finding and cleaning cat pee all over the house (cat has a bladder infection), I wasn’t even sure I’d make it, despite how little I had to go. Fortunately, a word war got me the rest of the way there. I had also written 800 before I went to bed last night, and a little more before supper. Now, as excited about this as I am (and I am, I’m just more excited internally than externally), I know I’m not done yet. As I said earlier this month, my real goal is to finish as much of this book as I can before November comes to an end. Last year, the novel I started during NaNo came in around 105k words, so using that as a loose guide, my daily word goals continuing forth will reflect a 100k end goal. That means 3333 words per day, which I’ve already been doing most of the month. Until recently, I haven’t had to really make myself reach a daily goal; I’ve just written until midnight and gotten enough. However, now that I’ve reached 50k, I know I’m more likely to tell myself I can just slack off. I do have a few days worth of buffer, but I’d like to save them for Thanksgiving or other busy days, not just lazy days. Wish me luck!

The Story: Lex found what he was looking for in the dangerous area he and Leahna were searching. But then he spent most of my words today being stuck as to how to get inside. He had to ask for help and wait in agony for a response. Now he and Leahna have gotten inside and are just beginning to look around this hidden, abandoned home that Lex really hopes will hold some answers for him. And it just may…though maybe not to the questions he’s been asking.


Total word count: 51752

day 12