NaNoWriMo Day 6

The Words: 5322 written today. I think today was the first time I really considered just staying at the daily minimum. I hit 1667 before supper, and was finding the idea of writing more later just…unpleasant. Fortunately, the Skype group for my region came through yet again. All I had to do was join in on the word wars, and I’m glad I did. This is the first year I’ve been so actively involved in any kind of social activity, and it is much more helpful than I realized it’d be.

The Story: I realized something a little bothersome today. I’m halfway through the 50k word goal, and my story hasn’t even really started yet. In fact, I’m on page 2 of my 11 page outline! The real meat of the story doesn’t even start until halfway through page 3. Right now, I’m just establishing my main characters and their relationship to each other. And sort of growing up my main character. Alexander starts the story at age 13 and jumps to 16 fairly quickly. Then there’s supposed to be another 6-month time speed, but first, Alexander’s mom wants to meet Leahna? How is that helpful? Alexander is still blissfully thinking his dad’s death report was entirely on the up-and-up (okay, maybe not blissfully). And what really concerns me is that, barring some spots I’ve marked for deletion later, I can’t say I feel like very much of it is superfluous. It’s going to be a difficult editing process for this one…


Total word count: 27384

day 6