NaNoWriMo Day 7

The Words: 5237 written today. I did something completely different today, and I’m still not sure how I feel about it. I had a terrible backlog of dishes to get done today, and I knew it would take a while. I didn’t get to it until the time of day that I’m usually trying to get in a thousand or so words before supper. So I loaded up Audacity, put on my wireless headset, and basically told my story while doing dishes. I recorded for 45 minutes, with a few small gaps here or there where I was distracted by something else, or where I had to rush off to check my outline for what was next (the plot really got flowing today). I had no way of knowing how much I’d written, but it felt like it could be 1000 words or so. Then, after putting the little one to bed, I set out to listen to myself and type the words out. I did not realize what a task that would be. What took me 45 minutes to say took an hour and a half to type. It took up all of my evening writing time. Fortunately, it ended up being 4372 words! I can’t believe I talked that much…

The Story: The plot of the story finally took off today. Alexander has finally stumbled across the questionable item that points toward a discrepancy in the report of his dad’s death. Though for now, it’s simply a curiosity, Alexander is determined to investigate. He may have to disturb several forty-year-old men, but he will find out what his dad was up to in his final days. He is officially off on his quest, and already outline pages are going faster.


Total word count: 32621

day 7