NaNoWriMo Day 10

The Words: 3574 written today. Yesterday, I had planned to write 5000 today, and reach 50k tomorrow with another 5000. That didn’t happen, obviously. But it’s okay, because I decided partway through the day that it wasn’t worth pushing myself for. Why would I? I’ve been saying all month that it’s not so much about the word count as it is the story itself. My goal for this month is not simply to reach 50k, it’s to have a finished novel. I’m so far away from that right now, it might take me another 50k just to have an idea of where the end will even be. But if I stress over it, I know it will only make my writing that much slower and more dreaded. So I have to allow myself days like today–I didn’t write after midnight last night, I didn’t have a chance to get to it during the afternoon, I hadn’t written 1 word for today before 9:30 pm when I finally sat down to write. So if I don’t make a pre-determined far-higher-than-daily-minimum goal on a day like that…oh well.

The Story: Lex has taken a huge leap now. He has forsaken all logic, sanity, and safety in pursuit of his end goal. Right now, though, he may have lost sight of that end goal. Now, he just seems determined to become a more advanced fighter. Sure, he says it’s so he can go in search of answers, but that’s not necessarily what his inner thoughts say. Meanwhile, he’s dragging his upstanding, God-following partner along for the ride, and she has no idea of the highly illegal thing he’s done. He’s determined not to outright lie to her, but he is about to tell her only what he thinks he has to, in order to get her to go along with his plan. Lex is definitely the kind of person who is willing to bend the rules and his moral code, as a means to an end.


Total word count: 44847

day 10